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How do you prevent motion sickness?

My first question is actually the one that inspired the blog topic. Riding the bus home, I was texting my friend and this brought on my motion sickness. I can’t read or text on the bus. Just riding the bus is not a problem, I can happily sit and stare out the window, have a conversation, or people-watch, but as soon as I try to read something my stomach objects. I can sometimes manage it if I read for a minute or two and then stop and look around for a few minutes. Peppermint will usually help me feel a little better but doesn’t prevent. Since I have about a half hour on the bus, I would sure like to use that time to study, or work on my resume, or text a friend or my kids.
I’ll leave this question hanging for a few days, do a little research, and if I find an answer I’ll post it. Hopefully, someone is reading this and will offer assistance.


Hello world!

So, fifty percent of my grade in the Intro to Mass Media class I started today is based on my keeping a blog. After some thought (roughly the duration of the bus ride home), I’ve arrived at a topic. I’ve decided to selfishly take this opportunity to utilize the unlimited resources of the internet to find answers to the questions that plague me. Not great big huge important questions like what is the purpose of life, is there a God (or a god particle), or how can we replace fossil fuel. But little bitty every day questions like how do you prevent motion sickness, is there a way to chop onions without crying, or how do you outsmart a Beagle. Let me be clear, I won’t be providing the answers, I’ll be seeking them. (Perhaps you’ve noticed the word “selfishly” above.) Yep, this is about me. I’ll be looking for answers to help myself, if someone else finds an answer along the way, well that’s cool too.

Since I don’t know how long it will be until anyone (besides my Professor, of course) actually reads my questions and is able to supply answers I’ll be seeking my own answers using websites, books, magazines, newspapers, blogs whatever media source I can find (It’s a Mass Media course after all!).

And away we go…

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