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How do you prevent motion sickness?

My first question is actually the one that inspired the blog topic. Riding the bus home, I was texting my friend and this brought on my motion sickness. I can’t read or text on the bus. Just riding the bus is not a problem, I can happily sit and stare out the window, have a conversation, or people-watch, but as soon as I try to read something my stomach objects. I can sometimes manage it if I read for a minute or two and then stop and look around for a few minutes. Peppermint will usually help me feel a little better but doesn’t prevent. Since I have about a half hour on the bus, I would sure like to use that time to study, or work on my resume, or text a friend or my kids.
I’ll leave this question hanging for a few days, do a little research, and if I find an answer I’ll post it. Hopefully, someone is reading this and will offer assistance.


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2 thoughts on “How do you prevent motion sickness?

  1. Maureen on said:

    Terri— I had to leave note 🙂 I don’t know if this helps at all. We have one little guy that has suffered from motion sickness. He doesn’t like long trips in the car, etc. Honestly, we have found that allowing him to choose his snacks and his activities has really helped. He does better on trips when he is in charge of his own “stuff.” It sounds like we are “spoiling” him, but really, when we put him in charge of what would help him feel better, he did. Placebo? Maybe… but it has worked for us and no more whining!
    Best to you!

  2. Sharon on said:

    Ginger prevents motion sickness. Eat a big spoonful of ground ginger (or mix it into lemonade ) and down it about half an hour before you are gonna need it to be working.

    I could give you a big long sciencey explanation of what, exactly, causes it, but it’s basically a difference between what your eyes see happening and what the inner ear’s motion detectors think is happening…

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