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And the answer is…

Ginger and Acupressure (applause)!
I keep fresh ginger root in the freezer. It keeps a long time that way and it grates beautifully when frozen. I used about a tablespoon for the tea. I drank it just before I left and it was roughly twenty minutes until I got on the bus and started reading. The possible drawbacks are it might be too spicy for some, if your morning routine is already tight it does take a minute or two to prepare, and it might be less convenient to prepare for the return trip. The upsides: the cost of using fresh ginger is minimal (buying it in capsule form would be a little pricier, but it would eliminate the taste problem), and ginger has lots of health benefits besides quelling nausea.
The acupressure proved very effective as well. Here’s a link to the page with Virpi Tervonen’s instructions on how to do it. The only drawback I can think of is that if you’re reading and start to feel sickly, you might have to stop reading to do it. Although with a little practice, you could probably hold your book and press the acupressure point at the same time. The upside is, it costs nothing, has no calories you don’t have to remember to bring your hands.
So…problem solved, question answered. On to the next one.


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4 thoughts on “And the answer is…

  1. Lovely! Now I know that to do when I go and fly with B. I don’t want to get sick in the little plane!

    Congrats on the blog. Good luck with the Communications Class.

  2. Barbara Schoch on said:

    I am here now what do I do?

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