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The effect of ginger on reading induced motion sickness

It was easy to remember the ginger this morning. I’ve been around a couple of people with colds in the last couple days and last night I had just a hint of a sore throat so I had my ginger honey tea before going to bed. Also, my early class was cancelled so I took the bus today instead of driving. Since I was already grating the ginger (which is the inconvenient part!), I decided to grate some extra and put it in my breakfast smoothie. (I didn’t include honey in the tea since I’m testing the effect of the ginger only) Just before heading out to the bus stop, I strained the tea and downed it. The straight ginger tea was quite sharp, not something I would drink just for enjoyment but it was tolerable. The results? I was able to read through a contract for one of my law classes, without looking up, for the whole trip. I admit I was starting to feel a little bit of nausea toward the end, but it was a vast improvement over previous attempts at studying in a moving vehicle. Oh, by the way, ginger and honey in my breakfast smoothie was delicious!


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One thought on “The effect of ginger on reading induced motion sickness

  1. Brandi Palmer on said:

    Nice mom! Do you think it would work on a plane? I’ll have to remember that!

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