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And the answer is…

Ginger and Acupressure (applause)!
I keep fresh ginger root in the freezer. It keeps a long time that way and it grates beautifully when frozen. I used about a tablespoon for the tea. I drank it just before I left and it was roughly twenty minutes until I got on the bus and started reading. The possible drawbacks are it might be too spicy for some, if your morning routine is already tight it does take a minute or two to prepare, and it might be less convenient to prepare for the return trip. The upsides: the cost of using fresh ginger is minimal (buying it in capsule form would be a little pricier, but it would eliminate the taste problem), and ginger has lots of health benefits besides quelling nausea.
The acupressure proved very effective as well. Here’s a link to the page with Virpi Tervonen’s instructions on how to do it. The only drawback I can think of is that if you’re reading and start to feel sickly, you might have to stop reading to do it. Although with a little practice, you could probably hold your book and press the acupressure point at the same time. The upside is, it costs nothing, has no calories you don’t have to remember to bring your hands.
So…problem solved, question answered. On to the next one.


The effect of ginger on reading induced motion sickness

It was easy to remember the ginger this morning. I’ve been around a couple of people with colds in the last couple days and last night I had just a hint of a sore throat so I had my ginger honey tea before going to bed. Also, my early class was cancelled so I took the bus today instead of driving. Since I was already grating the ginger (which is the inconvenient part!), I decided to grate some extra and put it in my breakfast smoothie. (I didn’t include honey in the tea since I’m testing the effect of the ginger only) Just before heading out to the bus stop, I strained the tea and downed it. The straight ginger tea was quite sharp, not something I would drink just for enjoyment but it was tolerable. The results? I was able to read through a contract for one of my law classes, without looking up, for the whole trip. I admit I was starting to feel a little bit of nausea toward the end, but it was a vast improvement over previous attempts at studying in a moving vehicle. Oh, by the way, ginger and honey in my breakfast smoothie was delicious!

Research Results

Thanks to my two friends Maureen and Sharon for their posts. The two of you should be very proud to be my first blog responders! My own research confirms the ginger suggestion. And personal experience confirms Maureen’s ideas.
Both WebMd and RealAge suggest ginger as a preventive measure, as well as some medications that I’m frankly not interested in trying. Since I keep forgetting to take some ginger before I head for the bus stop, this evening I’ll give something else that WebMd suggests a try. Acupressure on the P6 point, aka the Inner Gate, is a preventative technique that I’ve seen mentioned on several websites.
Here are the directions on how to use that from Virpi Tervonen:
“To use this stress relieving technique, first locate this acupressure point on the inside of your wrist. Measure three finger widths up your arm, from the wrist line. Use your thumb to locate the point in the hollow between the two bones and in the middle of the tendons. A slight soreness will let you know you have found the right location. Press the point firmly while you breathe out, and release pressure as you breathe in, repeating eight times on each wrist.”
I’ll try this on my way home this evening and let you know how it goes.
A few more words about ginger: I’ve found that it works amazingly well at stopping a cold in its tracks in its early stages. As soon as I feel that tickle in the throat or the sniffles, I make a tea from about 2 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger and about the same amount of raw honey. I do that a couple times a day for a couple of days, and the cold just goes away without making me feel rotten!
‘Til next time!

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